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America at its best: the art of Norman Rockwell

A police officer and a barman see a kid who ran away from home. Both have a slight smile on their face, remembering how they too, did the same when they were his age.  The details of this painting, give the location away: It's the U.S.A and the artist is none other than Norman Rockwell. DANIELE ECCHER "American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwellâ? "Rockwell was an artist who could express the most intimate part of the American soul. Thanks to him, we have a glimpse into a surprising American world.â? Rockwell was born in New York in 1894. He illustrated the main page of The Saturday Evening Post magazine from 1916 to 1963. His work reflect some of the great changes American society went through in the 20th century...and how they influenced every day people.  DANIELE ECCHER "American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwellâ? "He depicted the evolution of American history. Specifically that period when the United States became the great country it now is.â?  This exhibit in Rome, which includes more than 300 works of this beloved American artist, will be on display until February.  It's not difficult to imagine what kind of person he was after watching his paintings. DANIELE ECCHER "American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwellâ? "You can see that he was a person full of wit and irony... It couldn't be otherwise.â? Rockwell himself also changed.  By the end of his life, he choose to show bitterer realities, like social injustice and the consequences of racial discrimination. Now, all of his works have become a full  biography of the American dream. PM/PM/KLH  MG VM PR Up:PM