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Rome Reports

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A look at the Pope's powerful visit to an immigrant shantytown

The Pope had planned to visit a parish but asked his driver to stop here while on the way. "There are refugees from many places here." No one knew about the visit. It was a huge surprise, and the residents rushed to meet Pope Francis. "Oh God! How exciting!â? "Applause." Instantly, a swarm of people surrounded Pope Francis. Everyone asked for his blessing, they held his hand and captured the moment with their cell phone cameras. The Pope exuded happiness. "Eat well, huh?" Then Pope Francis asked them to pray with him. â?? "Who speaks Castilian?" â?? "All of us." â?? "We are from South America." The Pope said goodbye, to applause, with one of his usual requests. "God bless you. Pray for me". "We are very happy." "Pray for me." "Always." AC/ATO CTV - JM -BN up: FV