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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis: We are simplifying the Curia so that we can collaborate with transparency

This was the environment at the Vatican this morning, just before Pope Francis met with 160 cardinals. The Pope called the meeting to hear the cardinals' views on Roman Curia reform. He has made simplyfying the Vatican one of his top objectives. He mentioned that reforming the Curia was a top concern as the last Conclave began. Pope Francis then explained what changes he had planned. POPE FRANCIS "We want to achieve greater harmony between departments, so that we collaborate effectively with full transparency. That builds real synodality and collegiality." The Pope recalled that reform is not an end in itself. Rather, the changes are meant to "strengthen Christian testimony and encourage more effective evangelization.� The goal is improving the bureaucracy so that Vatican departments better help the papacy and also the Church as a whole. The cardinals have been asked to express their opinion freely. POPE FRANCIS "Our meeting begins with a spirital of collaboration. It will be fruitful because each contribution comes with courage, freedom and fidelity to the Magisterium." The meetings will conclude Friday afternoon. Cardinals who will be created the next day are also participating. JMB/ATO AA VM - BN Up:JRB #Pope