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Rome Reports

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Day 2 of Consistory: It's all about Transparency

It's a Consistory to discuss reforms to the Roman Curia. Everything from re-structuring Vatican departments to transparency in its finances.  MSGR. MARCELLO SEMERARO Secretary, Council of Cardinals "The meeting mostly focused on the Secretariat for the Economy and the Council for the Economy.â?  Both were set up by Pope Francis in an effort to unify Vatican finances and ultimately monitor spending. The goal is quite clear.  CARD. PHILIPPE OUÉDRAOGO Archbishop of Ouagadougou  "It's about looking forward, not backwards. It's about working towards transparency.â?  With about 165 Cardinals in town, there's a lot to talk about.  MSGR. MARCELLO SEMERARO Secretary, Council of Cardinals "The work has been carried out calmly and through collaboration.â?  CARD. JOSÉ SARAIVA MARTINS Prefect Emeritus, Congregation for the Causes of Saints "Everyone speaks their mindâ? CARD. PAUL POUPARD President Emeritus, Pontifical Council for Culture  "How was the meeting this morning? What's the ambiance like?â? "Like today's sky" "Clear skies with a few clouds.â?  CARD. GIOVANNI LAJOLO  "Do you get bored out here? Do you get updates? Is there tension and...internal fights? Nothing?  The Archbishops who will be inducted as Cardinals on Saturday, are already taking part in the meetings.  MSGR. MANUEL CLEMENTE Patriarch of Lisbon (Portugal) "Did you see it coming?â? "No. Not at all. I never thought about it. I just wanted to be a local priest.â?  Come Saturday, the Church will have 15 new Cardinal electors, out of which only five are European. Two of them are from Africa.  CARD. PHILIPPE OUÉDRAOGO Archbishop of Ouagadougou  "He always talks about reaching out to the peripheries. The Pope is doing just that. He's reaching beyond to find his collaborators.â?  With 15 new Cardinal electors, the College of Cardinals will have 227 members. A total of 125 of them are younger than 80, so they will be eligible to vote in an eventual conclave.  JRB/KLH  AA / MG SV -PR up:KLH  #Vaticano