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Rome Reports

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Helping Marriages in Crisis. Couples visit St. Peter's to give thanks

Despite the gloomy weather, this group from California was in St. Peter's Square pretty early in the morning. After seeing the Pope, they even had enough energy to sing a few songs.  The trip was special for several reasons. Many couples in the group got help from their local parish, when they were dealing with problems in their marriage.  SILVIA VIGIL Diocese of San Jose (California) "We help out in our communities, and I've personally seen how couples who are on the brink of divorce have reconciled. They've left drugs aside, adultery and a life of sin. All through the power of preaching.â?  Rafael and Liria know this first hand. Before finding the support they needed in their local parish, their marriage was going through hard times. Violence and the presence of gangs in the neighborhood didn't help.  RAFAEL AND LIRIA VARELA Diocese of San Jose (California) "At first our marriage had a lot of problems, but we were able to get through them.â? RAFAEL AND LIRIA VARELA Diocese of San Jose (California) "Yes, we received the grace of being able to save our marriage. We've also seen how faith has helped our children. Faith has saved them from drugs and gangs. So, we are happy to share our experience and the power of our faith.â?  In fact the couple gives catechism courses and share their own story with other married couples, hoping to help them find the hope they're searching for.  RAFAEL AND LIRIA VARELA Diocese of San Jose (California) "There's a special period in our dioceses where for two months, we get together twice a week to give catechism courses to other families.â?  The couple says they've enjoyed their time in Rome. Now they're looking forward to go back to California and share this experience of faith, with other married couples. MPI/KLH  MG VM -PR Up: GRT