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Seeking lost Catholics during Lent

Reflecting and forgiving. That's what Lent is all about. And now an American organization is hoping that their upcoming television ad blitz will inspire those who have left the Church to return. Catholics Come Home recently completed its first ad blitz of the season and will launch another major television campaign starting March 19. It will last until Easter Sunday. The first spot is called "Movie of Your Life,â? and it shows different people watching scenes from their lives, good and bad. It reminds them that it's never too late to return to the Church. People literally carry the weight of their sins around with them in the second commercial, which is called "Heavy Burdens.â? They then attend confession and leave behind the burden of sin. The organization estimates that they will reach nearly 70 million television viewers with their advertisements. They say hundreds have already sought information about how to return to the Church or to convert to Catholicism.  Catholics Come Home is a non-profit media apostolate that aims to evangelize through television ads. ATO Catholics Come Home SV -PR Up: GRT #WORLD