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Rome Reports

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Ferrari Fan Club makes Pope Francis an honorary member

The world's largest fan club for Ferrari Formula 1 just got a little bit bigger. Its newest member is none other than Pope Francis. GIULIO CARISSIMI President, Scuderia Ferrari Club. Caprino Bergamasco (Italy) "We are honored to have given him a membership card for our club. I put it on his neck and he liked it because he laughed.â? More than 700 people belong to the club. Some of them traveled to Rome to participate in the general audience with Pope Francis. Members of other fan clubs also attended. POPE FRANCIS "The words of grandparents have something special for young people, and they know it.â? GIULIO CARISSIMI President, Scuderia Ferrari Club. Caprino Bergamasco (Italy) "The Pope said that grandparents are very valuable. That we are close to grandchildren, that we help, that help families to grow.â? MAURO RACCANELLO President, Scuderia Ferrari Club Varese (Italy) "It's a fantastic thing to come here to be with the Pope and to be from Ferrari. In addition, we are simple people, like the rest and we love this Pope.â? Besides making him a member, they also gave a donation to charity on behalf of the Pope. However, they didn't ask the Pope to pray for Ferrari to win. "Ferrari surely will win this year, no doubt. The Ferrari wins, I say it everywhere.â?   JRB/ATO CTV VM -PR Up: GRT #Papa