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Angelus: Pope Francis shares the three keys to knowing Jesus

During his weekly Angelus prayer, Pope Francis shared three essential tools for those who are far from God but want to get to know Him. POPE FRANCIS "To all these people, we can offer three things: the Gospel, the Crucifix and the witness of our faith, poor but sincere. The Gospel: there we can encounter Jesus, listen to Him, know Him. The Crucifix: sign of the love of Jesus who has given Himself for us. And then a faith that is translated in simple gestures of fraternal charity.� The Pope reflected on the Gospel passage that recounts how Greeks and Jews asked Philip the Apostle to see Jesus. He explained that the passage expresses something universal. POPE FRANCIS "'We would like to see Jesus.'�These words... They reveal a desire present in the ages and cultures, a desire present in the heart of so many people who have heard of Christ, but have not yet met Him.� At the end of the Angelus, homeless people distributed pocket-sized Gospels to the pilgrims. The Pope added that this gesture surely pleases Jesus, because it is the poorest who share the word of God. MPI/ATO CTV VM -BN Up: MPI