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New film about Jesus Christ premieres

Since the beginning of film, Jesus' life has been brought to the big screen by dozens of directors. í?scar Parra de Carrizosa now joins the list. The director of the award-winning "Under a Canopy of Stars" presents his latest film, "The Spine of God." í?SCAR PARRA DE CARRIZOSA Director, "The Thorn of God" "Although there are more than 150 films about Jesus, 'The Thorn of God' provides a distinctive perspective which until now has not been seen on the big screen. It's close to the historical Jesus, the Jesus we talk about more in an archaeology course, without leaving the faith." The film covers three years of Jesus of Nazareth's preaching from the point of view of the Apostles. The director wants to show Jesus as God and as man. í?SCAR PARRA DE CARRIZOSA Director, "The Thorn of God" "The Jesus of 'The Thorn of God' is a smiling Jesus, a Jesus who laughs. He is a Christ who lives in community with his Apostles, who ultimately are his friends. And he is Christ as a man, as man and as a true God. But as a true man, a suffering Christ who also does well." His two natures appear in scenes like this one, which shows the resurrection of his friend Lazarus. "Take away the stone." "Lord, he has been buried for four days and is already decomposing." "Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God? Peter, John, James, help them to remove the stone!" Some of the scenes were shot in Capernaum. Moreover, they have paid attention to the smallest details. For example, here at the Last Supper, the crockery is typical of the era. The film opens March 27th. It is a story that will help many to relive Easter in a more profound way. AC/ATO Thorn of God / Mystical Films JM  -BN Up:KLH