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Remembering key moments of the Benedict XVI papacy

April 19, 2005 "Dear brothers and sisters after the great Pope, John Paul II, the cardinals have elected me, a simple and humble worker in the Lord's vineyard. The fact that the Lord can work and act even with insufficient means consoles me. The eight year pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI was characterized by his humility and quiet nature. And a new book commemorating the tenth anniversary of the election of the low-key Pope highlights key moments of his papacy. An event to mark the release of  "Benedict XVI, Servant of God and of Menâ? drew the Pope Emeritus' brother, Georg Ratzinger, and his secretary, Georg Gí¤nswein. ALBRECHT WEILAND Editor, "Benedict XVI, Servant of God and of Menâ? "For us, it is very important because our publisher normally focuses on books of art and culture, especially Christian culture. Recently, we have also published history books, and Pope Benedict XVI is a very important piece of history. Therefore, we decided to publish a book on this very important character.â? The photographs and testimonies play an essential role in the new volume that was presented at the Vatican Teutonic cemetery. CHRISTIAN SCHALLER Author, "Benedict XVI, Servant of God and of Menâ? "It's a gift for Benedict to remember his eight-year pontificate, it is an honor. We tried to make reading easier choosing subjects and photographs that represent his pontificate.â? The book includes photographs that capture great moments and even some daily tasks of his pontificate, like this picture with his secretary. This image depicts the first meeting between Pope Francis and the Benedict XVI. It was a simple, emotional meeting and undoubtedly historic. Cardinals Gerhard Mí¼ller and Kurt Koch helped prepare the book. The authors and editors know the Pope Emeritus as well.  ALBRECHT WEILAND Editor "Benedict XVI, a Servant of God and Men" "I remember his splendid homilies.â? CHRISTIAN SCHALLER Author, "Benedict XVI, Servant of God and of Menâ? "I remember a very beautiful situation, during his first visit after his election as pope. It was a private moment on the third floor of the Apostolic Palace.â? Pope Benedict XVI began his pontificate at an important historical moment, and it ended with an historic resignation. What's clear, is that this chapter in Church history will not be forgotten.  MPI/ATO AA S -PR Up:ATO