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What would saints say if we could interview them today?

If St. Teresa of Avila could answer questions from reporters today, perhaps she would answer like this. "When did you find your calling, when did you discover that you loved God?� "As an adolescent, I realized I loved Him as I loved beauty, joy, and existence. I felt like I loved many other things: my body, my charm, my intelligence ... I loved Heaven and Earth.� A new book contains theoretical interviews like this one, with revolutionary saints who founded religious orders. FR. VITO MAGNO Author, "Questions and Provocations: Impossible Interviews with Founders and Pioneers of the Consecrated Life� "It was made to mark the Year of Consecrated Life. Beyond the spiritual efforts that are being made, culturally there are still not many. Vatican Radio had these interviews and we have put them together in the book. And Vatican Publishing House has published them.� There are 20 interviews with founders and pioneers of the consecrated life, including: St. Augustine, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Francis of Assisi, and Joan of Arc. Historians and experts have prepared the questions and come up with their responses. CARD. ANGELO COMASTRI Vicar General for Vatican City "Clearly, giving these people a voice sends a message to everyone. It says: 'Pay attention, these are the people who have achieved things and led full lives. This is why it is interesting to interview them.� The volume also includes a real interview, one of the final ones that Mother Teresa did just two months before her death. AC/ATO AA -SV PR Up:GRT