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Pope in Regina Coeli: The Church does not slam the door in anyone's face

It was a packed St. Peter's Square on Sunday, as Pope Francis led the Regina Coeli prayer from his studio window.  The Pope paid homage to now Blessed Oscar Romero. The Salvadorian Archbishop who was killed in 1980, was beatified on Saturday in his home country.  POPE FRANCIS "This zealous pastor, he said an example of Jesus, chose to be among his people, especially the poor and the oppressed, even at the cost of his life.â? Reflecting on the day's Gospel readings, the Pope highlighted that the Church is universal and so is Her message.  POPE FRANCIS "The Church isn't born isolated, but rather universal. It's one, Catholic. With a specific identity but open to everyone.â?  As part of the Universal nature of the Church, the Pope then added that it's open to everyone, both sinners and saints.  POPE FRANCIS "Our Mother Church doesn't slam the door in anyone's face. No one! Not even the worst sinner. Nobody! This is thanks to the strength and grace of the Holy Spirit.â?  The Pope also prayed for the more than 3,600 immigrants from Myanmar who were found ashore in Indonesia, after fleeing their home country. Thousands more are expected to be stranded at sea.  Before ending the Regina Coeli, the Pope asked the crowd, to remember to pray for him.  KLH  CTV SV -BN Up: MPI