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Rome Reports

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Rome's Trevi Fountain is ready for its close up

The star of this show, isn't a movie star..But it is the premier of the new and improved Trevi Fountain.  Just like any star, all eyes and cameras are on the icon and its new face-lift.  "The pictures donâ??t do justice for it. Certainly its breath taking to be up close and up front and to see it in person.â?  After 17 months of construction crews, covers and scaffolds, Rome's Trevi Fountain is ready for its close up, with clean water, brighter surfacing and... oh, so much attention.  "Amazing, breathtaking....â? "It's very impressive. It looks great. Very pretty.â?  The 2.5 million dollar tab was picked up by Italian fashion giant Fendi. Since, part of its inspiration, it says, comes from the city's unique style and architecture. It seems to be a trend, other big name companies are following to help out Rome's icons. The Colosseum for example, is being renovated with funds from Italy's high end shoe brand, Tod's.  But today, it was all about the famous fountain.  "It's an unforgettable experience. We've been waiting here for a while, but thank God we had the chance to experience this beautiful moment.â?  So, to keep true to tradition, tourists wasted no time and started throwing their coins into the newly renovated fountain.... "I'm ready. Just waiting for them to let us in, so I can throw my coin.â?  A coin throw, which according to tradition, will assure yet another visit to the Eternal City, with a shinier and brighter Trevi Fountain.  KLH  AA V -PR UpATO