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Rome Reports

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New graffiti of the pope appears overnight... and disappears hours later

Borgo Pio is one of the busiest streets in the area around the Vatican. This morning, it has awoken to the sight of Pope Francis perched atop a ladder playing a game of tic-tac-toe "for peaceâ? on the wall. Residents of the area, however, were not completely unfamiliar with the sight, since the artist behind the graffiti is Maupal, who has already depicted Pope Francis on the walls of this street in the past. As soon as the word got out, public workers rushed to to the neighborhood to erase it, as passersby looked in disapproval.  "It is a shame that they erased it, because it is a good painting, a beauty, and the person who did it had the best intentions. Well painted, detailed... You know? A thing of beauty, it was not ugly at all.â? People claim that the area is full of offensive graffiti which nobody has bothered to clean up.  "It makes me sad, because it represents world peace, which we need so badly and for which our pope fights so adamantly.â? "We could erase the one on the other side that doesn't belong, but art such as this, it is only right that they leave it.  It is true, the streets are filled with graffiti which may be seen as offensive. Maybe the residents of Borgo Pio may be surprised again in the future if Maupal strikes back on this quaint Roman street. AQ/AG MG - - Up: