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Rome Reports

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European mayors meet in the Vatican to solve the refugee crisis

The mayors of 37 European cities are meeting in the Vatican to promote peace in Syria. They argue that this is the first step to stop the refugee crisis.  They also thanked the pope for the work he is doing to put an end to this tragedy. VIRGINIA RAGGI Mayor of Rome "I thank the pope for this important initiative. This confirms the moral and stimulating role his pontificate is having in social and humanitarian issues.â? The mayors come from different countries and political backgrounds. They have acknowledged the importance of humanitarian corridors and they criticized the passiveness of some European countries and the international community in dealing with this crisis.  ADA COLAU Mayor of Barcelona "An international community that, all too often, looks the other way in the face of crimes of war and repeated violations of human rights, suffered by our brotheres and sisters in Syria or in other, much less visible countries.â? MANUELA CARMENA Mayor of Barcelona "Spain should have taken in 17,500 Syrian refugees. Right now they have only covered one percent of the projected figure.â? The conference ends on Saturday, when they will meet with the pope and present to him their final conclusions. According to the latest data, 2016 has been the most lethal year in the Mediterranean: 3,800 refugees have perished, as of November.  AQ/AG RR -SV -PR Up:MB