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Refugee that the pope brought from Lesbos: "Do not make walls. We escaped hunger and war"

This image ... and this is almost one year apart. During Pope Francis' visit to the University of Rome 3, this refugee could once again thank the pope for the gesture that changed her life. She is currently studying Biology while she waits for her studies from Syria and France to be validated. ; "I felt very welcomed. Very welcomed. I did not perceive racism, because the Community of Sant'Egidio has welcomed us very well, and we feel at home. Europe has to be open. Do not build walls, make bridges, because we are men and women like everyone else. We had to flee from our countries because of hunger and war. We have the right to live, to have a normal life." POPE FRANCIS "How should we receive them, how should we receive the migrants? How should migrants be welcomed? First as brothers and sisters. They are men and women like us." Pope Francis answered her question, as well as many others from university students. The Argentine pontiff again demonstrated that he has a special bond with the youth. ; "It really has been beautiful. I could even make a souvenir photo, the classic selfie." "He was direct, simple. I think he has reached the hearts of everyone, believers and non-believers. To me, as a soccer fan, I really liked the metaphor of the goalkeeper, because life is like that, you should take it as it comes." POPE FRANCIS "If we do not learn to grasp life as it comes, we will never learn to live. Life is a bit like the soccer goalkeeper who grabs the ball wherever it comes from. And life must be grasped as it comes." Again Pope Francis as he does in other meetings, took notes as he listened to questions, and then completely improvised his speech. It was a very moving gesture, because it showed that his style is to listen, and then respond. A gesture that very much sums up the way that the Argentine pope is leading the Church. ; JRB/JC ; CTV / AA -SV -PR Up:FV