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Pope greets the brothers of a missionary killed in Haiti

During the canonization of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the pope recognized the work of the missionaries, and mentioned especially a Spanish missionary killed just two days earlier in Haiti.  POPE FRANCIS September 4, 2016 "Let us pray in particular for the Spanish missionary, Sister Isabel, who was murdered two days ago in the capital of Haiti.â? Months later, the nun's four siblings went to Rome, to give thanks to Pope Francis for remembering Isabel.  CARMEN SOLí Isabel Solá's Sister "I explained to the pope that for Isabel he was a model. She was in love with Pope Francis, and I told him that.â? FLASH "We've all been together, we've been very good, we've been with Isa and the whole family is united... We've been really happy.â? JAVIER SOLí Isabel Solá's Brother  "He was fundamentally talking with me about how difficult the situation was in Haiti, and I told him how she had fought there, even knowing that she was in danger, and she had not left Haiti.â? The insecurity, which was precisely what caused her death, has grown enormously in Haiti along with the misery, even more as a result of the earthquake in 2010, that further destroyed the poorest country of America. The disaster not only took the lives of thousands of Haitians; it also changed the lives of many others.  JAVIER SOLí Isabel Solá's Brother "After three days we got in contact with her and the first thing she said was, "You cannot imagine how necessary it is going to be here, an interaction with the amputees, because there are a lot of amputees.â?  The nun arrived in Haiti in 2008, but as a result of the earthquake, she changed her initial mission, to be a teacher, by starting a prosthetic workshop.  By remembering her, the pope had provoked a wave of interest for nuns of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary. She will always be remembered in Haiti for little miracles like this.  JAVIER SOLí Isabel Solá's Brother "It did not make sense for her to leave Haiti. She said, 'Haiti is my home and therefore, I am going to stay here.' Because it was what gave meaning to her life, to surrender oneself to others. Everything else stopped making sense.â?  In four years of operation, the St. Joseph workshop, supported by the "Juntos Mejorâ? Foundation, has treated about 1,000 amputees. The nun also started a functioning mobile hospital.  From age 18, it was clear that she wanted to dedicate herself to those whom the pope defines as victims of throwaway culture. Two bullets killed her on September 2, 2016 during an assault, but her work continues to build what the earthquake knocked down in a few seconds.  AC/JC MG -SV -PR Up:FV