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Rome Reports

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Pope will meet with priests from Pontifical Spanish College on Saturday

The intellectual vanguard of the Church is formed in Rome. As such, the bishops send priests and seminarians to the city each year with a mission: to improve their doctrinal preparation in fields where dioceses are less prepared or in need of teachers. Priests who study at ecclesiastical universities should reside in places that ensure spiritual care and religious formation. One of these places is the Pontifical Spanish College. FR. JOSÉ SAN JOSÉ PRISCO Rector, Pontifical Spanish College "Most of the priests who study in Rome end up being teachers or seminary trainers, so the multiplier effect is very great because if a priest goes to his diocese well-trained, then there may be many others who benefit from it." The Pontifical Spanish College points out that traditionally priests come to study theology and philosophy, but they feel one field in need of better preparation is communication. In some dioceses a process is being carried out to professionalize their structures. The goal is to improve the way of communicating faith and understanding relationships with the mass media. FR. LOPE RUBIO PARRADO Pontifical Spanish College "Today we have to evangelize with well-prepared people and those who know how to use the media. That is why they are currently sending people to be trained in social media. The transmission of faith. We have a good deposit of faith, but sometimes we have not been able to communicate well." The Pontifical Spanish College is celebrating their 125th anniversary, through which 3,500 students have passed. Of their alumni, 128 were appointed bishops and 105 died martyrs in the Spanish civil war. During that period many persecuted clergymen found refuge here. To celebrate their anniversary, on Saturday they will meet with Pope Francis. John Paul II visited this place twice, along with John XXIII and Paul VI once each. The latter went the day after his election to visit the Spanish cardinals. JRB/MB AA -SV -PR Up: MB