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Rome Reports

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Open the door and it's Pope Francis! He visits a neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome

They knocked on the door, and instead of their parish priest arriving, it was Pope Francis.  "What a surprise!" "I come to bring the Easter blessing." This is the grand surprise that the residents of Ostia, one of Rome's surrounding districts, have just received. Pope Francis traveled to their homes to impart the traditional Easter blessing.  Pope Francis went through an apartment complex, going door to door to fulfill this tradition.  "For the whole house, family, and everyone.â? "He is very faithful, every day." "This for the family and this is for you.â? The elderly were especially excited. "Thank you again so much, I appreciate it so much." As for the children, they could not believe that the same it was truly the pope who entered their home. Many of the neighbors had to look closely at Pope Francis, because they couldn't believe their eyes.  "It is His Holiness." Although the Jubilee Year of Mercy has ended, the pope wants to continue his practice of making surprise visits one Friday a month. On this particular occasion, he wanted to be close to those who live farther from the Eternal City, and they have responded with the utmost affection for Pope Francis.   AC/JC CTV SV -BN Up:AC