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Rome Reports

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Melania Trump visits the Vatican's children Hospital

Shortly after her visit with Pope Francis, Melania Trump traveled to the Vatican's Bambino Gesí¹ hospital, where she was welcomed by these two patients with flowers.  She met with the children in their playroom, where they awaited with handmade greetings. Though written English, she responded to the warm welcome of the little ones in their native tongue. "Ciao, Melania!â? "Ciao, come stai?â? "Bene!â? "Tutto bene?â? "Si!â? "Super! Fantastico.â? One little boy in particular didn't wait to ask for a photo, making sure he snapped one before she even sat down.  "Of course, yes, do you want to have a selfie?â? Others shortly followed his example.  Selfies were only a few of the activities the little ones were anxiously waiting to partake in with her. They drew pictures and colored together, and she signed some of their bandages.  The First Lady presented them with gifts, which included these backpacks from the White House, containing even more coloring supplies.  "Inside there are projects, coloring books.â? The kids bid her farewell with a group photo, and the same little boy who was first to get a selfie, made sure he also got a special goodbye. Before leaving, she also stopped in the hospital's chapel, where she lit a candle in front of this tapestry of Jesus.  JC CTV F -PR Up: JC