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Hannah Kerr: An unexpected path led to an unexpected career

This is Hannah Kerr, who at only 20 years old, just released an album called Overflow. She has named it that to represent the outpouring of God's truth and wisdom.  Growing up around Christian music sparked  her interest in the industry, however she never expected to become a singer.  HANNAH KERR "When we serve faithfully where he's placed us and we just allow that to be our focus he will give us greater things to do, and I feel like that's my story as an artist.â? Overflow was inspired by the fact that God can turn even the most difficult moments into something good.  For her, this occurred when her family moved across the country, leaving her feeling lost and alone.  HANNAH KERR "God can take the worst moment of our life and turn it into the first sentence of our testimony. So then when I got into high school I joined the worship band in my Church, and I just served as faithfully as I could, and from there I met a producer and we just started making music together, and it feels like it just happened naturally.â? It's also a very personal album, as the songs represent experiences that God has taught her in different years.  HANNAH KERR "Each song is a moment I've had with the Lord in the last 3 years. Experiencing more of his grace, and more of his love and his truth.â? For Hannah, her biggest hope for the album is that after people listen, they will hear the love that God has for them.  JC RR S -PR UP:JC