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Rome Reports

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Vatican organizes world congress to fight corruption

POPE FRANCIS "Corruption is paid by the poor.â? Corruption is unjust because it negatively affects the weakest. That is why the pope believes that the Church has much to say in the fight against corruption.  The Vatican is trying to fight against it with its own weapon: dialogue. Bishops, judges, police, politicians and victims have gathered in Rome to exchange experiences in the fight against corruption, which in some places is second nature.  MSGR. SILVANO TOMASI Dicastery for Integral Human Development "The Church has a principle role to play in forming consciences and creating a mentality that follows the laws and provides transparency. Also in facilitating relations between institutions and individuals in a correct way to achieve the common good.â? In this congress organized by the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, there are anti-mafia prosecutors and representatives of anti-trafficking organizations.  This congress joins other initiatives in this fight, such as the pope's meeting with judges in November 2016, as well as meeting with mayors from around the world in July 2015.  According to 2016 data from "Transparency International," the three countries with the highest perception of corruption are Somalia, South Sudan and North Korea. Denmark, on the other hand, is the country seen with the least amount.  JRB/JC AA V -PR Up: JC