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Pope Francis´ full speech at the Prayer Vigil to "Dry the Tears"


LIVE: The Pope presides over the Prayer Vigil to "Dry the Tears"


Pope Francis will receive the Charlemagne Prize tomorrow for being Europe's "voice of conscience"


Pope Francis receives a wooden cross made by Argentine prisoners


Pope Francis greets relatives of political prisoners in Venezuela


Pope Francis: "God does not consider anyone permanently lost"


The Pope's general audience: "To 'have' God, we must follow him to the lost sheep"


LIVE: Pope's General Audience


The Pope's special devotion for the Virgin Mary


Pope in Santa Marta: There are Christians who act like embalmed mummies


Pope Francis asks for the role of women to be assessed in his May prayer intention video


The Pope receives a special edition print of Don Quixote


Pope praises Mercedarians for their historic work of redemption of captive Christians


Cardinals Erdo and Bagnasco meet with the Pope to inform him about the CCEE


The Pope in Santa Marta: Persecutions are the price of the Christian witness


The Pope at Regina Coeli: Pray to understand and remember the words of Jesus


Schedule for the week: Pope to receive prestigious European Charlemagne Prize


LIVE: Pope Francis prays the Regina Coel