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Graphic Designer uses his art to teach children about creativity, beauty, and faith

These colorful and creative illustrations of the story of Creation were made by Jacob Popcak. He is no ordinary graphic designer.

From designing theme parks, brands, to illustrating novels and children’s books; he does it all with hopes of inspiring creativity and sharing his spirituality with people.

“I would draw things to kind of reconnect with myself, and by extension, with God and what He was calling me to do. I would often sketch in prayer. I would paint for the same reason. I would come up with story ideas for kids’ books, novels, rides, film, etc but it was always my personal way of sort of connecting with God.”

He interconnects his role as a psychotherapist and Catholic counselor with his art to be able to share his deepest passion: help others find the beauty in their own life.

“As an artist, my primary goal is to use beauty to inspire people, kind of their own mission towards beauty, that which inspires you and opens your mind to new possibilities. In doing so, points you to, I would refer to as God, as the divine.”

In his latest illustration, “God the Father and the Best Day Ever” he depicts God as a loving and passionate artist that formed Creation with his own hands. He says this has been his most inspiring work for children so far.

“Since that book came out, I've seen images of kids sent to me via social media, drawing God themselves as they imagined Him. Literally taking their gifts and talents and taking that baton, I supposed I didn’t put out, it was handed to me, but they are taking it where I left off with it and running with it. God only knows what kind of awesome stuff they'll create.”

His work has been recognized by the Walt Disney Company. Jacob hopes to continue his mission to create art that has a profound potential to change how people see themselves and the world.