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Study lists Pope Francis as the most influential leader in social media

Pope Francis has become quite popular on Twitter. A study reveals that he isamong the list of world leaders with most digital influence. Thats according to Reputation Metrics, which measures public impact. The @Pontifex account has over 8 million followers and during WYD, the account surpassed the 100 tweet mark. ; ; He is considered the most influential leader in social media, because his messages are re-tweeted the most. On average, each tweet is re-tweeted about 22,000 times. That's way more than others on that list, like the account of Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro. ; The account has seen a huge spike in numbers, increasing 161 percent. In March it had 3 million followers. Shortly after the pope's election the account got over 800,000 additional followers in just four days. By the end of July, it had more than 8 million. ; The Papal account has its busiest days on Wednesdays, for the general audience and also on Sunday's with the Angelus prayer. On average the Pope writes 5.3 tweets per week. ; After World Youth Day in Rio, the number of followers has greatly increased in Portuguese. ; As far as content, the key words that have popped out the most in these 100 tweets are God, life and love. ; The most common themes are Jesus, love, God's mercy and charity. Pope Francis continues to draw crowds even in the virtual world. ; AC/KLH ; RR ; -JM ; -PR ; Up:RCarr