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Rome Reports

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All aboard! Pope greets children who take train ride to the Vatican

All the way from Naples, The Kids Train or 'Il Treno dei Bambini' made its way to the Vatican where more than 500 kids got to meet Pope Francis. It's all part of a program meant to help children with family or social problems.  POPE FRANCIS "I noticed you brought me some gifts. One was soil from the catacombs. You gave it to me, right? Yes, I did! That's right. The other gift was a plant. Who gave me the plant? The plant! You told me: It's the plant of light. How did it go? The plant of light to make the world...I can't hear you... ...A better placeâ? Using the catacombs as an analogy, the Pope said that even amid the darkness, a person must always make an effort to find light.  POPE FRANCIS "Light gives us joy, it gives us hope. Do we all have the chance of finding that light? Yes! That's right. You're sharp,  You didn't hesitate. Let's hear it again. Do we have a chance? Yes!â? The Pope then asked a few more questions about how Christians can go out and find that light, even when everything seems dark.  POPE FRANCIS "Can you find it with hate? No! Good! Say it out loud. With love! With love, with love.â? He then reminded the kids that finding God isn't about taking a long journey, since His light and hope, he said, is found from within.  Even though the train came all the way from Naples, students from Rome also joined in the fun.  JRB/PM/KLH  CTV JM -BN Up: PM #Papa