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British Ambassador on ISIS: We want persecuted minorities to be able to go back home

The brutality and violence ISIS has used has shocked the world. Now the question is what's being done to stop them?  NIGEL BAKER British Ambassador to the Holy See "Thereâ??s a military strategy, thereâ??s a diplomatic strategy, thereâ??s also a counter-terrorism strategy.â?  Nigel Baker is the British Ambassador to the Holy See. He says an international coalition is moving forwardwell beyond humanitarian aid. From military action to a UN resolution to help countries tackle ISIS' financing.  NIGEL BAKER British Ambassador to the Holy See "To find ways to bring some of these people to justice, collecting evidence on their crimes so that these people now that there isnâ??t impunity. The people who murdered David Haines or the American journalists wonâ??t get away with it.â? ISIS has used Islam as a tool for violence, forcing Christians and other religious minorities out of their homes, killing innocent civilians and threatening to use force against anyone in their way. The situation is complicated even more, by the fact that some Westerners are joining them.  NIGEL BAKER British Ambassador to the Holy See "I donâ??t think anybody is quite sure how many people from Britain, France, or the states or Australia or other countries have gone out to fight with these organizations. What is clear is that these are young people in many cases who have been radicalized, be it by some extremist pastor, the internet, by what theyâ??ve seen. Often even their families donâ??t know what has happened to them.â?   Stopping ISIS won't happen from one day to the next. But as the international coalition takes action, Baker says the goal is to make sure this doesn't turn into a permanent humanitarian crisis.  NIGEL BAKER British Ambassador to the Holy See "What we want is to make sure that Christians, Yazidis, Muslims can go back to their homes and start living their lives again in safety.â?  The task won't be easy, especially since ISIS is radical and well financed, but more than 1.3 million people who survived the atrocities, are hoping they can simply go back to their homeland and try to start their lives again.  KLH  AA JM -PR Up:KLH