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Rome Reports

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Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri explains new rules for the Synod

More than 250 people will participate in the next Synod of Bishops in Rome from October 5-19 on the challenges of the family.  Pope Francis has asked for a change in their way of working so that meetings can be more efficient. Each day will deal with a theme from the Instrumentum Laboris, a working document on the Synod that was published on June 26th. CARD. LORENZO BALDISSERI Secretary General of the Synod "We would like the development of the work to follow the thematic order of the Instrumentum Laboris. It was like this in the past but it was more flexible. We would like to follow it with this precise order.â? A bishop entrusted with the topic of the day will open the session with an explanation. Then the married couples will address the Synod. CARD. LORENZO BALDISSERI Secretary General of the Synod "During the sessions there will be a couple who will give their witness on the theme that is being discussed. Then after there will be interventions at the hall.â? It will follow with interventions from those who ask. They will speak in alphabetical order and for  four minutes. They can also provide a written version of their intervention.  At the end of the day, a time of open debate will be opened for one hour, in which all will speak on the theme discussed during the day. It is an aspect introduced by Benedict XVI that remains in this Synod.  CARD. LORENZO BALDISSERI Secretary General of the Synod "For the open debates we will try to allow as many people to speak and each one speaks one, not twice on the same day.â? The Synod will confront the problems facing families throughout the five continents, distinct situations in very different environments.  CARD. LORENZO BALDISSERI Secretary General of the Synod "We will discuss the problems that have also been highlighted by the media, regarding failed marriages, separations, divorces, etc. It is a much more sensitives topic in the West, without a doubt. But I would like to point out that each continent has its own specific issues.â? The Cardinal highlighted several problems such as polygamy in Africa or abandoned women with children in Latin America.  Final preparations are being made throughout these days before the start of the Synod on October 5th. Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri also recalled another important date: September 28th. It is the day chosen by the Pope to celebrate a World Day of Prayer for the Synod.  JRB/JAE MG/ RR FA -PR Up:JRB #Vaticano