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Rome Reports

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A look at the logistical challenges of distributing aid along the Middle East

Across the Middle East, millions of people have been displaced. Wars, conflicts and instability has triggered an international humanitarian crisis.  In Gaza, for example, the 50 day war is over, but its effects are still very much alive.  FR. RAED ABUSAHLIA  Caritas Jerusalem  "We need five years at least to rebuild what was destroyed in 50 days. Because in reality we have 400,000 people who were displaced during the war.â?  The Catholic Church, through its main charity 'Caritas'  has a presence in these war ridden areas. Leaders held a meeting in Rome, to see how to move forward and how to deal with logistical challenges of actually getting people help.  MICHEL ROY Caritas Internationalis "It was difficult in Gaza during the war because it was closed, now itâ??s possible again. In Syria it becomes very difficult to access the victims, there are about 10 million Syrians affected by the war â??thatâ??s huge.â?  In the Iraqi city of Mosul for example, there is no way of physically delivering the aid and supplies to people, since ISIS has the region surrounded. But Catholic Charities are set up in neighboring cities like Erbil, offering aid. The challenges though are many.  Along the Gaza strip, school is back in session, but the buildings are being used  by the displaced and students have no where to go.  FR. RAED ABUSAHLIA  Caritas Jerusalem  "Now they are living in the schools of the  UN, but you know that schools should start and started last Sunday, where can we put them?â?  It's not only a humanitarian crisis these regions are dealing with. This is also triggering economic instability. Caritas says, it's mission isn't just to provide supplies, but rather to give spiritual, physiological and moral support to those who've lost everything.  KLH  MG FA -PR Up:JRB #World