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Victor Manuel Fernández: One year later Evangelii Gaudium is still not taken into account

Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation, was released almost a year ago. In order to implement the document, dozens of experts met at the Vatican to look for ways to put it into practice.  One of these experts is Argentinian archbishop, Victor Manuel Fernández, who helped in drafting it.  ARCH. VICTOR MANUEL FERNíNDEZ Rector, Catholic University of Argentina "The truth is, as the Pope says, Evangelii Gaudium is a programmatic document. He also calls for boldness, enthusiasm, he calls for creativity. But I have the impressions that, having passed one year, we have not taken it into account.â? Sharing joy, going out to the peripheries, promoting a culture of encounter and encouraging an attitude in the Church of going out are among the key points of the document. For Victor Manuel Fernández, a missionary Church that is not afraid of being close to those in most need is crucial.  ARCH. VICTOR MANUEL FERNíNDEZ Rector, Catholic University of Argentina "The Church cannot act if it does not come out of itself, if it does not break its old habits, if it doesn't go out to search for those who are there, who are not attracted to the message of Christ, to those who do not want to know anything because they have other plans in life.â? The Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization organized this Congress which concluded with an audience with Pope Francis. He reminded them that while pastoral initiatives are good, they must not forget to pay attention to the people.  MPI/JAE AA FA -PR Up: YJA