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Pope to Panamanian Ambassador: You're a Latin American with Swiss punctuality!

"Your Holiness, the greatest blessing I could ever have is presenting my credentials to you.â? "You're a Latin American with Swiss punctuality!â? "Well, of course. I bring with me all the prayers and love of the Panamanian people.â? The new Panamanian Ambassador to the Holy See, Miroslava Rosas, presented her credential to Pope Francis. She also introduced her family and collaborators to the Pope. Most of her collaborators had been to the Vatican before. Still, but for some of the embassy staff, it was the first time.  "This is the driver of the embassy. He's been working with us for 17 years. He had never had the opportunity of coming in. He always gave us all a ride. â? "But he would stay outside.â? The ambassador gave Pope Francis a book about Our Lady of La Antigua, patroness of Panama, along with a wooden box. The Pope gave each one of them a rosary and was very kind to a woman who is  expecting. He also gave her a special rosary for the baby. AC CTV FA -BN Up:JRB #Mundo