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Pope Francis to United Bible Societies: Thanks for making it easy to understand the Bible

A delegation of the United Bible Societies met with Pope Francis at the Vatican. They showed him a new version of the Bible in Italian, the result of the cooperation between Catholics and Evangelicals. POPE FRANCIS "Preparing an inter-confessional version is an effort particularly meaningful, especially since discussions over the Scripture have influenced divisions, especially in the West.â? Two children gave Pope Francis the Bible. During his speech, the Pope explained that translating it into common language helps simple people understand fully its message. POPE FRANCIS "It is a very good idea, because people can understand it, simple people... Because it is a true language, a real one, but close to the people. In the missions we carried out in our parish in Buenos Aires we always went by the Bible society to buy these. They made me a special price, eh? And we gave it to the people and the people understood the Bible. They understood.â? Pope Francis greeted all the members of the delegation one by one, and showed his sense of humor. "We have to see each other.â? "When?â? "I don't know, but you're bringing the pizza.â? The United Bible Societies promotes the reading of the Bible in the world. 30 people attended the meeting with the Pope, who described their work as "patient, careful, fraternal and faithful.â? AC/YJA/PM CTV JM -BN Up: YJA