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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis: Am I happy with the qualities that God gave me or am I envious of others?

35,000 pilgrims flocked to St. Peter's Square to listen to Pope Francis during his General Audience.  The Pope spoke about the charisms within the Church. He explained that they are qualities that God gives to people so that they may be used serving others.  The Pope humorously warned that no one can discover their charism on their own.  POPE FRANCIS "Many times we hear these people who say, "No, I have this quality, I can sing well.â? And nobody has the courage to tell them, "Look, it's better if you be quiet. Because hearing you sing tortures us.â? No one can say "I have this charism.â? One knows their charism, he continued, when other people recognize it. Pope Francis added that once it is identified, it is best to ask yourself three questions. POPE FRANCIS "If there is a charism in me? Has the Church recognized this charism? Am I happy with my charism or am I a bit jealous of the charism of others and want theirs? No, the charism is a gift.â? For those Christians who cannot discern what their charism is, Pope Francis recalled the example of St. Therese of Lisieux. He explained that this saint wanted to have them all, until she discovered that only one was important.  POPE FRANCIS "She went to pray and felt that her charism was to love. And she said this beautiful quote: "In the heart of the Church I will be love.â? And we all have this charism.â? At the end of the Audience, the Pope greeted the 9,000 pilgrims who visited Rome to give thanks for the beatification of ílvaro del Portillo. He also greeted the current Prelate of Opus Dei, Bishop Javier Echevarrí­a. PM/JAE CTV FA -BN Up:FA #Pope