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Lee Roessler, making music for God while helping children in Uganda

Lee Roessler's experience in Kampala, Uganda inspired him to create a non-profit organization. The Villa Maria Children Foundation is dedicated to teaching Ugandan orphans how to prepare themselves for the future.  But that's not all this young artist from Kentucky does. He also expresses his closeness to God and shares his experience through music. One of his most famous hits is "Mile Awayâ?. "Take me back to place where the sun lights up the darkest grey where the street lights they shine was all we needed when all we needed was to prayâ?. "Mess in meâ? is one of his most well-known songs. It was a hit at the National Catholic Youth Conference, a meeting of thousands of youth from across the United States. Lee Roessler's life is centered in his initiative in Uganda and his music for God. MPI/JAE RR VM -PR Up: YJA