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Synod on the Family: Using civil marriage as a stepping stone for Sacramental marriage

Wednesday October 8th marked day three of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family. There's a long list of issues that were discussed. Among them were ways in which civil marriage can be used as a stepping stone for marriage within the Church.  FR. THOMAS ROSICA Vatican Spokesperson  "To pay attention to the elements of civil marriage that are already existing in our cultures and societies and to use these elements as a spring board to understanding better or leading people into sacramental marriage.â?  Each day includes a morning and an afternoon session. On Wednesday, the effects of massive immigration on the family were also discussed.  FR. MANUEL DORANTES Vatican Spokesperson "We see mothers and fathers who leave their countries and migrate to find jobs. Even though parents make this decision out of love for their family, what ends up happening very often is the disintegration of the family.â?  The importance of language was also touched on. Terms used by secular society as symbols of freedom, have a completely different reference for the Church.  FR. THOMAS ROSICA Vatican Spokesperson  "The very things that civil societies hold as signs of victory and liberation, such as divorce, abortion and euthanasia are the very things that destroy the fabric of society.â?  While the challenges faced by Western cultures are well know, bishops also talked about the challenges African nations face, especially in regards to polygamy, which is widely practiced and accepted in some communities. The synod on the family will conclude on October 19th.  KLH AA JM -BN Up: MPI