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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis blesses Spain's oldest soccer team

It's no secret that Pope Francis is a soccer fan. Since his election, he has met with many teams. The latest one is the Recreativo Huelva team. It's Spain's oldest soccer team, and for its125th anniversary, a delegation traveled to Rome to see the Pope.  Since a little luck is always welcomed, the team's president asked Pope Francis to pray for the team and their future victories.  PABLO COMAS-MATA  President, Recreativo Huelva  "We are confident because the Pope is known for supporting the teams he blesses. An example is the San Lorenzo of Amargo, which has practically gone from hell to heaven. We are not asking for much, we are satisfied with whatever we get.â? The team's chaplain, Fr. Antonio Bueno, did not want to miss this special celebration. Despite being over 80 years old, he traveled to Rome to ask Pope Francis for a blessing.  FR. ANTONIO BUENO MONTES Chaplain, Recreativo Huelva "If you come here to thank him for our 125 years, why not ask for another 125? We're hoping our team can leave the second division and play in the first. That way we can play in the European Cup and  become champions.â?     If there was one shirt Pope Francis did not have, it was that of the Recreativo Huelva. The team gave it to him during the brief visit and they also gave him a boat made of silver. The Pope, on the other hand, gave them a rosary and blessed them. The Andalusian crew will go back to Spain with a story to tell adn with hopes of a great season.  YJA/CA AA VM -PR Up: MPI