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She refused to have an abortion and her son, the Archbishop of Riga, will be forever thankful

Fifty nine years ago, the Archbishop of Riga,  ZbigÅ?evs Stankevičs, almost died. When his mother was expecting him, everyone told her she should have an abortion. ARCH. ZBIGÅ?EVS STANCKEVICS  Archbishop of Riga (Latvia) "She was forty years old and one doctor proposed to make abortion. She told my mother: 'You are old and it is not a wise decision to have one more child.'â?  His mother decided to have her baby. Eventually that young boy became the Archbishop of Riga. Hundreds of women in Latvia faced the same dilemma of his mother faced decades ago. In 2002, the government passed a pro-abortion law. In response, he wrote an article titled,  "Why was I lucky?â? ARCH. ZBIGÅ?EVS STANCKEVICS  Archbishop of Riga (Latvia) "I could share my personal experience because it was proposed to kill me in my mother's womb. But my mother rejected it and for this reason I am alive. I can live to fulfill my vocation and my mission in the world. And if I was killed in my mother´s womb, today there would be another Archbishop in Riga.â? There are challenging pregnancies, but the Archbishop highlights that there are other options, other than abortion, for mothers dealing with difficult pregnancies.   MPI MG VM - PR Up: MPI