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Pope Francis to religious superiors: It's better to come to blows than to gossip

Pope Francis sent a clear message to the superiors of Italian religious congregations when they met at the Vatican.  He told them that it was important that they live in brotherhood in their communities and that there should be no gossip.  POPE FRANCIS "A clear sign that religious life is called to give today is fraternal life. Please, don't let there be among you the terrorism of gossip! Throw it away! May there be brotherhood. And if you have anything against the brother, you say it to his face...â? Pope Francis told the religious that in order to live this brotherhood in their community, it was important there be total trust among them.  POPE FRANCIS "Sometimes you will come to blows but that is not a problem. That is better than the terrorism of gossip. It is not always found, you know well. Many times it fails because we are all sinners but if we recognize our faults, forgiveness is asked and forgiveness is offered.â? Pope Francis said that the religious can teach the Church and society what brotherhood is. Because in communities, just like in a family, they can't pick and choose their brothers.  POPE FRANCIS "Consecrated life can help the Church and the whole society by giving witness to brotherhood, that it is possible to live together as brothers in diversity. This is important! Because in community you do not choose first, one finds himself with people of different character, age, formation, sensitivity...And even so, you try to live as brothers.â? Pope Francis' meeting with the superiors of religious congregations was held as the year dedicated to religious life approaches.  It will begin November 30, 2014 and end on February 2, 2016. JRB/JAE CTV VM -BN Up: PM #Pope