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Working so the last days of a terminal patient are full of life

A terminal diagnosis is a devastating moment in the life of both the patient and their family. The Hospice "Buen Samaritanoâ? is an organization that gives assistance to patients with scarce resources and helps them through their last journey. The center is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and opened its doors to its first patient five years ago. They insist that, more than a clinic, the hospice is a home. DR. MATIAS NAJUN President, Hospice Buen Samaritano "This is all about the encounter between two people. Placing ourselves at their level, looking at them directly, listening to them. We help them feel like real people.â? Beyond medical assistance, the hospice offers human warmth and company during their most difficult moments. Their mission is to make sure the patient's last days are full of life. DR. MATIAS NAJUN President, Hospice Buen Samaritano "The right sedative is not enough. We must embrace them as a whole. We must embrace the person and their situation in order to help them. For total pain, you need the total care the hospice offers.â? The center counts with over 100 volunteers. These include nurses, palliative doctors, psychologists, as well as social and religious workers. Everything to assist the patients and their families. CRISTIAN QUIROGA Family member, Hospice Buen Samaritano "Finding people here that are willing to give so much love... It's hard to express it with words.â? Their humanitarian work has gained them several  awards, including the "Abanderados de la Argentina Solidariaâ? 2014 Award. CA Hospice Buen Samaritano SV -PR Up: MPI