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Mexican State of Oaxaca gives traditional Nativity Set to the Vatican

The Pope greeted three Mexican craftsmen from the state of Oaxaca who designed the Christmas decorations and Nativity Scene that decorate the Vatican.  This craftsman made the Nativity Scene that now stands tall in the Vatican's Paul VI Hall. It is great, great, really beautiful! Angelico and his son worked for months to come out with  their unique desgin.  "I didn't have a lot of time to design it... I finished it in 60. I had to work all night and day.â? Among other gifts, Mexican artists also gave the Pope other Christmas decorations for this tree. They also got to see Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square.  This group from Southern Mexico, brought traditional music and folkloric dances. VICTOR VAZQUEZ State Folkloric Dance Company Oaxaca, Mexico "We came to the Vatican. The Mexican State of Oaxaca gave the Vatican a Nativity Scene this year, and the decorations for the Christmas tree. We are a group of Folkloric Dance from Oaxaca. We're very proud to represent our State here in the Vatican.â? Few know that it takes three months to make these unique dresses. For men it's easier. Linen shirt, black pants and a  hat. It's a tradition that's passed on from generation to generation.  MPI-JMB MG VM -BN Up:AC