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Rome Reports

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The Vatican Library reveals private collection of Thomas Ashby

Very few people have seen the Appian Way like this. Italian painter Carlo Labruzzi portrayed the historic Roman road with care and detail.  For the first time a book gathers this and other landscapes from 19th century Italy.  PIER ANDRE DE ROSA Author, "Drawings of the 19th Century of the Ashby Collectionâ? "It is an almost complete tour of Italy. The collection also contains artistic depictions of places never painted before because they weren't well known. Especially the southern area which was very dangerous. Naturally, there are many artists, both Italian and foreign.â? All these paintings have something in common. They are part of the private collection of Thomas Ashby. This English archaeologist was passionate about Rome's ancient history. For the first time, these works of art are revealed.  PIER ANDRE DE ROSA Author, "Drawings of the 19th Century of the Ashby Collectionâ? "There is only one objective: to make an important and complete foundation of artwork available to scholars. Scholars who are interested can finally access this private foundation, that wasn't accessibile until now.â? In 1975, the first part of the Ashby Collection was published. But there are still 1,500 works of art left to categorize. Through the depictions, readers can discover the enchantment of 19th century Italy. MPI RR SV -PR Up:JRB #ArtandCulture