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Pope Francis writes letter to Christians in the Middle East

Pope Francis wrote this letter to the Christian communities in the Middle East. In the document the Pope says that their "presence is precious� for the region. The Pope is aware that along with their Christmas carols "tears and sighs� will be heard this Christmas. That's why he encourages them to stay faithful to Jesus in these hard times. He also explains that everyday he follows closely all the news on the region. He also refers to the IS, which he defines as a "disturbing terrorist organization.� In the letter, the Pope goes on to ask the international community to help Christians and other suffering minorities in the region, wondering "how much longer must the Middle suffer from the lack of peace.� In his opinion, no one should get used to the idea of having conflicts as "if change was not possible.� He also calls on religious leaders to condemn every kind of persecution and to promote inter-religious dialogue, "the best antidote,� he says, against fundamentalism. As a conclusion, the Pope expresses once again his desire to visit soon Christians in the Middle East. READ FULL TEXT AC RR -BN Up:JRB #Pope