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Pope to large families: You are a role model of solidarity and generosity

The Pope welcomed more than 7,000 people who are part of large families, to the Vatican's Paul VI Hall.  Children were seated along the steps of the hall, to get a closer look at Pope Francis. One of the kids, decided to skip protocol all together.  Some had the chance to share their experiences with Pope Francis.  "We weren't brave people, but we found the courage to embrace life's most beautiful adventure: The family.  "We didn't go through a test before welcoming this gift. But we've always welcomed it and been grateful for it.â?  "Among us are mothers who are now in Heaven, because they refused medical treatments to save the child growing in their womb.â?  POPE FRANCIS "First of all, I want to ask you a question out of curiosity. What time did you wake up? At 6 a.m.? At 5 a.m? Aren't you tired? Well, with my speech, I will surely put you to sleep!â?  The Pope described large families as role models of solidarity and generosity, not just within the family, but for society as a whole. He thanked mothers and fathers for their courage, adding that he hoped public institutions would support them more.  POPE FRANCIS "Each of your children is unique and will be one of a kind throughout history. When it's understood that each one of them was wanted by God, one becomes amazed by the miracle of having a child. A child changes your life! We've all seen how when men and women have a child, life changes. It becomes completely different.â?  The Pope didn't leave empty handed. Just moments after highlighting the importance of generosity, two children decided to give him the candy the Vatican had given them, at the start of the meeting.  JMB/KLH  CTV JM - BN Up: GRT