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Vatican launches campaign to voice women's concerns, strengths, challenges

To truly listen to women. This is the purpose of a new Vatican campaign titled, Life of Women.  It was launched by the Pontifical Council for Culture, to look into the strengths and challenges women face in modern day society. Everything from their faith to simply being a woman.  MELCHOR SíNCHEZ DE TOCA ALAMEDA Secretary Pontifical Council for Culture "It follows Pope Francis' call of recognizing the role of women. It goes even further because it reflects a call of our time, of giving women the role and place they deserve.â?  The Vatican is calling on women to share their concerns, hopes and experiences by posting a short video or even a picture on social media, under the hashtag, #Lifeofwomen. MELCHOR SíNCHEZ DE TOCA ALAMEDA Secretary Pontifical Council for Culture "We are seeing a transformation that's having a direct affect on women and culture, so the Council thought that the best way for females to share this experience is through images and story telling.â? In a meeting to be held in February, some of the most  moving accounts will be shared with Bishops and Cardinals, to further the discussion of womanhood in the 21st century.  AC/KLH  RR JM -PR up:KLH