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Christian NGO: Violence against Christians won't decrease in 2015

North Korea, Somalia and Iraq are the three countries where Christians are persecuted the most, according to "Open Doors.â? This Christian NGO recently published its World Watch List of Christian persecution. It added that violence against Christians isn't likely to stop nor decrease on 2015. "Open Doorsâ? estimated that 4,344 Christians were killed in 2014, a figure that had doubled in a year. Pope Francis often denounces violence against Christians. POPE FRANCIS March 4, 2014 "I tell you: today there are more martyrs than in the times of the Early Christians.â? An estimated 40% of the nearly 2 million Syrian Christians have left their country. Around 140,000  Christians who lived in Nineveh, Iraq, also had to flee to Kurdistan. Although persecution is severe in countries like China and India, the NGO noted that violence against Christians is growing more in Sub-Saharan Africa due to terrorist groups like Boko Haram. JRB VM -PR Up: GRT #Mundo