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Rome Reports

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Cause for Beatification of Chiara Lubich, Founder of the Focolare, begins

In the Catholic Church, there's a movement with an inter-faith mission: The Focolare movement is all about fostering a respectful relationship among Catholics, Muslims, Lutherans, Evangelical, Hindus and even atheists.  Now a beatification process is underway for its  founder- Italian Chiara Lubich,  CHIARA LUBICH Founder of the Focolare Movement April 2005 "We are all united through the so called 'Golden Rule,' that appears in the Gospel and in all the major books of the world's religion. Do to others as you would like other to do to you. In other words: love your neighbor.â? On Tuesday, January 27th  the opening ceremony of her cause for beatification will take place in the Frascati's Cathedral, near Rome. Lubich founded the Focolare Movement in Trent back in 1943,  when WWII was being fought.  CHIARA LUBICH Founder of the Focolare Movement April 2005 "We were young, poor and female...But I thought: God is our side, so let's see what happens.â? Chiara Lubich passed away in 2008. Seven years later, the Focolare movement now has a presence in over 180 countries.  As her cause for beatification begins, the process will try to show that she lived out Christian virtues heroically.  PM/PM/KLH  RAI/Rome Reports JM -PR Up: GRT #Papa