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Pope Francis to video-chat with disabled children during Scholas' congress

Last September, Pope Francis shocked the world when he video-chatted with five children from every continent. A similar encounter will take place this week. But in this case, Pope Francis will video-chat with disabled children. JOSE MARIA DEL CORRAL Global Manager, Scholas "They will be students who are living very special situations. The Pope believes that we must build a bridge where there's a wall. That's why he called Scholas, to try to make those bridges.� This virtual meeting will take place on February 5, the last day of the fourth congress of Scholas at the Vatican. This international network promotes peace and dialogue through education. Roughly 400,000 schools around the world participate in its programs. During the congress, Pope Francis will also connect with Africa. JOSE MARIA DEL CORRAL Global Manager, Scholas "If everything goes well, Pope Francis will open the first center of Scholas in Africa, that is in Mozambique.� The fourth international congress of Scholas will start on February 2 at the Vatican. For fours days, representatives of 40 countries will discuss how to involve all society, not just parents and teachers, in the education of young people. PM AA/SCHOLAS VM -PR Up: GRT #World