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Meet the man who dresses the most powerful men in the Church

For 50 years, Raniero Mancinelli has sewn garments for popes and cardinals. And he just got a few new clients.  RANIERO MANCINELLI Ecclesiastical Tailor "This morning, a dozen came by. Some want one thing and some want another. I try to please everyone.â? The vendor and his clients seem to disagree about who is getting the best deal. RANIERO MANCINELLI Ecclesiastical Tailor "It's very inexpensive. It doesn't cost much.â? CARD. JOSÉ LUIS LACUNZA Bishop of David (Panama) "It's pretty, but he hasn't shown me the bill yet. The pain will come tomorrow, we'll see how it is.â? The next Cardinal of Panama wears a size 8 skullcap, while his biretta is size 58. It takes one week and more than seven meters of fabric to make a cardinal's cassock. RANIERO MANCINELLI Ecclesiastical Tailor "There are many cardinals who had already served as bishops, and we kept their measurements. However, I don't know some of the new ones, and I've taken their measurements.â? Now, Manchinelli is just waiting for the ceremony to create new cardinals. He is particularly excited for the moment. There is very little to do for the ceremony, but Manchinelli will certainly have plenty of work in the future. MPI/ATO AA SV -PR Up: MPI