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Rome Reports

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Pope: It's ugly when fights divide families. Siblings don't even acknowledge one other...

The Pope started off his weekly general audience, greeting pilgrims and blessing the crowds. It wasn't long before he gave these two kids the ride of their lives. They hopped onto the popemobile, as the Pope made his way through St. Peter's Square.  In his catechesis the Pope reflected on the importance of the  family, specifically on protecting the relationship between brothers and sisters.  POPE FRANCIS "We see this in families that fight over small things, or maybe an inheritance. Then, they don't talk to each other or ever acknowledge one another. This is ugly! Brotherhood is something powerful.â?  The Pope called on the crowd to pray for families that are divided, so that they may reunite and set aside their differences.  He also thanked those who help out their families by assisting their siblings with special needs.  POPE FRANCIS "Some are ill or have a handicap. There are so many brothers and sisters who help their siblings. We see cases like these, throughout the world. Perhaps we don't appreciate it as much as we should.â?  In light of the brutal killings of 21 Coptic Christians by Islamic terrorists,  the Pope prayed for the Egyptian victims who were beheaded specifically because of their faith.  POPE FRANCIS "They were killed in Libya, for the simple fact of being Christian. May Our Lord, welcome them in His home.â?  Once again, the Pope also prayed for peace in Ukraine, calling for the violence to stop. Since Bishops from that very country are currently in Rome for their ad limina visit, the Pope greeted them after the general audience.     KLH  CTV SV BN Up: MPI