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Rome Reports

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Nurses travel from Spain to Rome to have the Pope bless their retirement

This group of ten nurses from Barcelona, Spain, came to Rome to ask the Pope to bless a new phase of their lives: retirement. They'll likely never forget the moment. And with it caught on tape, they can also relive it. TERESA LLANSAMí? Nurse, "Hospital San Juan de Dios" "We have worked together for more than forty years in the Hospital San Juan de Dios in Barcelona. It is a pediatric hospital, which is dedicated to children. We have come together because we are starting a new stage, our pre-retirement." Some work in the laboratory and others work in surgery. The Pope gave Oti two things she'll certainly cherish. OTI RAGULL Nurse, "Hospital San Juan de Dios" "He gave us a rosary and a postcard. It is a picture signed by him. He asked us to pray for him and we asked him to pray for us. He asked where we were from because of the ease with the language. It was very simple." With an amused tone, Teresa noted that the decision to come to the Vatican arose spontaneously. She said that Pope's blessing will hopefully give them strength as this new stage of their lives begins. TERESA LLANSAMí Nurse "Hospital San Juan de Dios" "We came from work and were driving home and talking about coming to Rome to celebrate, to go to the Pope's audience. We wanted to get his blessing for this new phase in our lives.â? They return to the hospital with many memories. They're also ready to show all the gifts that Pope Francis gave to them. MPI/ATO AA SV -PR Up: MPI